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                Stainless steel Yarn humidification Machine



                Functions and features

                1. Processing time: Two hours /each yarn lathe

                2. Carrying capacity: Different load capacity can be designed according to customer’s require

                3. Installation capacity: 50KWh or 150KG steam

                4. Adopt double evaporate empty technology, each ton of yarn with electricity about 2KWh

                5. Operating temperature: 50℃—120

                6. Working pressure: –0.085-0.1MPA

                7. Colorful touchable screen with PLC control system

                8. Auto open & close door system for option

                Functions and features

                1. This machine is suitable for vacuum setting yarn, dacron yarn , knitting wool, wool top, chemical fiber, sponge wipes, curtain setting, spandex coated yarns, cotton, rayon, polyester fiber theory, computer floss silk, sewing thread, knitting line, lace yarn, zip thread, etc.

                2. Its main use for setting after merger, twist, that is, stable twist in a certain pressure and temperature, obtain balanced yarn.

                3. Device equipped with advanced electric heating system, can easily realize various yarn fiber textile humidification, moisture and twist without steam. Quick-open type door can make it safe and reliable.

                4. The steaming machine can steam yarn or fabric evenly and accurately through low temperature to high, adopts microcomputer control system to realize steam temperature±0.5, ensure yarn steaming process according to budget process accurately, avoids condensate water, make yarn even and soft.

                5. It can increase moisture from inside to outside evenly, improve quality, well setting and twist through negative saturated vapor. Keep the original yarn appearance style, without macular, no pollution, yarn pipe without deformation.

                6. Using high-quality container board, durability, safety, environmental protection, resistance. The equipment adopts one key start-up, with sealed performance.


                 Jiangsu JM Machinery CO.,LTD
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